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13 Nov

There are times in fashion when I feel like we make such a HUGE deal out of nothing and then down size major issues. Dakota Fanning has been under heavy scrutiny after her advertisement with famed designer Marc Jacobs was pulled due to being too risqué. The Brits felt her innocence, youthfulness and sex appeal was too much to handle and banned the ad’s. Looking at the pictures I honestly don’t see what the big deal is… Yes she looks youthful, fun, even a bit flirtatious but nothing to the point of raunchy or inappropriate.

I am confused because over the Summer French Vogue thought it was appropriate to use a 10 year old girl to imitate a “top model”… She was dressed like a grown woman, face full of make-up and resembled nothing of a child. I found the pictures disturbing to say the least however they weren’t given as much attention as this recent Marc Jacobs ad with Dakota Fanning.

I want to hear you weigh in on this… I have provided images of Dakota Fanning for Marc Jacobs and of the 10 year old girl posing for Vogue France. Which do you find inappropriate and why??? Please share so we can discuss this hot topic.


Simply Studded

Dakota Fanning for Marc Jacobs “Oh Lola”

Vogue French Photoshoot With 10 Year Model 

*Pictures provide by French Vogue