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The Break Of Dawn…

3 Dec

It has been awhile since we have written a movie review, but after seeing the new Twlight Saga “Breaking Dawn” I felt it was necessary. First let me say I am definitely into chick flicks and more importantly my guilty pleasure is Vampire movies…. WHEW…. Now that is off my chest onto “Breaking Dawn”. There is so many themes that underline the basis of the Twlight series but one universal theme remains constant love……

The undying, everlasting, eternal thought of love. Now I don’t want to give away the suspense but it was well worth every penny Hershey and me¬†spent at the theaters. We have all saw the commercials and trailers so you¬†probably think you have an idea of how the movie will play out but you have no idea at all!!!!! Seeing is believing all I can say is you are sure to get misty eyed, laugh, become full of excitement and sit at the edge of your seat in complete awe….. This movie will definitely imprint on you and leave you awaiting in suspense for part 2…….

I wanna hear from the readers if you saw the movie please comment without ruining the surprise for others and if you didn’t see it what are you waiting for?????


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