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Round Of Appaulse…

1 Jul


A true story of rise and shine…. Draya Michele once a cast member of Basketball Wives LA was once one of the most hated on females for no apparent reason. Draya had to prove that she was more than a pretty face and fight the stereotypes of a”video vixen”… In the end Draya showed that she is able to rise to any occasion!!! Recently Draya released her own swimwear line called “Mint”. Celebrities have already been spotted rocking her digs and she is getting a lot of positive press for doing her own thang. I am super excited for Draya taking on the role of entrepreneur and showing that she can come from the bottom and be on top. Check out her website http://www.mint-swim.com and support her hustle the prices are affordable ranging from $50-75 which you can’t beat! So get ready ladies to hit the beach in style……


Simply Studded



The Right Fit…

27 May

So it’s 80 degrees perfect weather to head to the beach!!!! But do you know what’s the perfect swim suit for your body type? Let’s take a look at 3 different boy profiles to get an idea of what’s best for you….

Curvy Mama 

With curves you have to find swimwear that cinch the waist and creates a sexy hour-glass figure.

Well “Endowed”

When your busty V neck, strapless and underwire are your best friend… It shows the right amount of cleavage without leaving you feeling too over exposed …

Little Miss Petite

#1 compliant of Petite sized women when shopping for swimsuits is the height…. So stick to 2 pieces it enlongates the body and shows off your lovely shape.

Get The Look: Hot Havana Nights….

2 May

The best part of Summer is traveling… I am not sure why most New Yorker’s travel during the Summer but we do… This look is inspired by those Hot Havana Nights…. A bright emerald-green bathing suit, paired with a beautiful multi-color kaftan and simple sandals with shades makes the nights that much hotter… The hair should be wet, wild and wavy to add to the overall look…. Now all you need is your sunblock…


Simply Studded