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Natural Hair Care: Silky Press

9 May

So  I’ve been natural for over 3 years now. For those who don’t know what it means to be “natural”. It means I have no perms or chemicals to straighten or curl my hair. My hair is simply in its natural state. Trust me it takes hard work and diligence none the less I don’t regret my decision. My hair is fully of body, thick and grows beautifully. However there are those days I miss having my hair straight. I generally don’t use much heat on my hair because unfortunately I have been a victim of heat damage. One beautician did a blow dry on my hair that resulted in a whole section breaking . Lets just say I learned my lesson. There are many ways to achieve that straight silky hair you desire. But one sure way is a silk press.

A silk press is when a licensed professional presses your hair with a ceramic iron, using proper oils and heat protectant to keep your hair from getting damaged. The result is a silky, frizz free, shiny and straight hair. It looks like you have a perm without the damaging chemicals. A good press can last 2 weeks depending on your upkeep and regime. EAP Heat has a diverse selection of hair care tools that provide quality products that prevent hair damage. They are ideal for all hair types not just natural hair. However if you are natural this is a must as far as hair essentials goes.

Dont believe me? Take a look at the EAP Heat flat iron at work. And please feel free to order directly by tapping the link EAP Heat