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Things That Make You Say Hmm…

2 Sep

So Rihanna is in the news again for poor publicity… This time the media is slamming her outfit of choice. While partying in London Rih Rih was spotted wearing thigh high snake skin boots sending PETA into a frenzy… Animal activist everywhere are pissed off at Rihanna’s outfit of choice. I have to weigh in on this discussion because I am a fan of Rihanna and I do love her personal style…. In retrospect I completely understand PETA’s stand on animal cruelty and I support it… Trust and believe, I love animals…. However I must admit I feel PETA at times can takes things to a whole extreme level…  I understand their passion for protecting animals and stopping animal cruelty however I also support people’s right to choose what’s best for them….

I am not sure if you remember the craze Peta fan who threw a bag of mysterious white powdery substance on Kim Kardsahian as she walked the red carpert or the infamous paint throwers who feel the need to soil people’s fur coats in a act of standing for animal rights…. Instead of teaching people about the cruelty of animals certain people choose to use force, harmful words or violence to make a statement… Which is doing nothing but creating a bigger problem… Dont get me wrong I am not saying EVERYONE at PETA is running around  throwing red paint. But I personally feel instead of insulting one another, teach one another….

Yahoo.com reported that  the PETA spokesperson stated that Rihanna’s recent  admittance to still loving her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, saying the singer “may  not have a clue that snakes killed for boots are often  nailed to a  tree and skinned alive. Of course, they can’t go on Oprah to  cry about  it.” Now that’s a low blow in my opinion…. Instead of being mad at Rihanna maybe that anger should be directed towards the designer who made the boot…

The moral of this story is USE your words carefully people… You can gain so much more by speaking to another in the spirit of love and teaching one another versus speaking out of anger and malice… I love animals too but it doesn’t help solve the problem by taking cheap shoots at one another… Take a look at the boots and share your thoughts..

*Images provided by yahoo.com and shoerazzi.com


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