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Daddy’s Gotta Shine….

18 Jun

So this post is dedicated to my father’s… You have received your gifts and your ready to shine in your new clothes… Hopefully your wives, girlfriends, mama’s or children didn’t do that bad. Father’s Day to some has been looked down upon because we naturally glorify Mother’s Day however it takes a special kinda man to be a father so here’s to you dad!!! This outfit is for the ever cool however also chic kinda dad…. H&M has made it fashionable and affordable for you guys to shine. A carmel brown blazer and short combo paired with a white simple button up and deep royal blue chukka’s set the stage for the suave dude in you…. Only thing missing is a classical paired watch… Want to take the look to another level? Well use Usher’s latest hair cut as an inspiration.


Simply Studded

Trend Alert: Cargo Shorts

25 Apr
Well Fella’s the nice weather is almost here and there is nothing more sexier than a fresh tee and some cargo shorts… Celebrities like Lil Wayne, Breezy and Pharrell were all seen rocking the shorts and doing them justice. This season cargo shorts are back and in full effect… I have selected a few of my favorites from Abercrombie & Fitch as well as showcased a few celebrities rocking cargo shorts right….

Lil Wayne

I’m chilling but my swag’s on full attack…. Weezy
Chris Brown

Ladies love me, I’m on my Cool J (especially in those cargo shorts) :0) …. Breezy


It totally intensifies the vivid ass appeal of it…. Skate Board “P”