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Keeping It Sexy…

17 Mar

The Kardashian Sister’s are at it again!!!! They recently released their “intimacy” collection through Sears. It features lots of lace, pretty pinks, blacks and nudes as well as lots of sex appeal. There is something there for everyone! You can dress your flirty side, your girly side and of course your sensual side. At a price range of $20.00 to $55.00 you can pick up a few items.  I must say the ladies looked lovely as well in their new advertisement of the brand. All you can do is respect these young ladies drive to always be at the top of their game. Take a look at a few pics…


Simply Studded

A Family Affair….

13 Jan

Khole, Kim and Kortuney are always on the prowl! There is no stopping this dynamic group of sisters. They have partnered up with Sears to create a contemporary line that will be sold at Sears department stores nationwide. Sears who is not particularly known for “fashionable” clothing has invested money in the Kardashian sisters as well as French Connection. I am very interested in seeing what this will do for Sears sales.  I am predicting a increase in sales . The Kardashian sisters have such a following. Look at their partnership with Bebe… As a family they are a powerhouse!

The Kardashian Collection is geared towards the 18 to 35 yr old demographic. Fans can expect to have a full range of clothing and accessories which will include shoes and handbags which will be available in August.