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Layers of Fun….

27 Nov

So the weather is changing from day to day but we all know that dreaded  man named jack frost is around the corner…. I am not a winter girl at all!!! I find it difficult trying to be fashionable under layers and layers of clothing. But I am here to say you can be just as fashion forward in the winter as you were in the Summer. Once upon a time I was a student at FIT in New York City… And one of my fashionable counterparts Jonathan always wore this fabulous gray snood over his peacoat… Can I tell you I felt like Rachel Zoe “I Die”….. It was the perfect bit of spice to add that fashion flair to his overall look… For all of those unfamiliar with a “snood” its modern definition is a tubular scarf. It looks real bulky and adds that extra “humpf” to the overall look. Here are some great looks I found on my favorite website Asos.com


Simply Studded

Who said Winter couldn’t be fabulous? The bright pattern in this snood adds intensity to her overall look…. 

The knit texture of this snood in warm hazelnut brown compliments the overall look perfectly! 

Yes even in faux fur this snood is sure to excite!!! 

This is my fave snood of them all.. Edgy and pairs great with the leather jacket!

Rachel Zoe Fall Accessories!

21 Sep

Friday is the first official day of Autumn! Yup it’s that time of year again and it’s my favorite! It’s not just about the brisk air, the color of the trees or the holidays!…IT’S ALL ABOUT FASHION! There are so many different styles that evolve each year. However, I want to discuss fall accessories which can be added to enhance any outfit and make it pop.  My favorite ones below are all from Rachel Zoe which are so fashion forward and striking! What will you rock this season? In fact, the colors are so in sync you can pair a few of these pieces together. Stand out at your next holiday party or company dinner with any of these fabulous pieces from Rachel Zoe! Turn heads as it will be all eyes on your accessories. Check them out and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you studded fans!


Fedora “cat hat” is absolutely fierce

Suede pumps that rocks!

Soft and furry scarf….Ooh I love it

One of a kind Cuff

Multi color velvet clutch

Images are from http://www.rachelzoe.com. Check out the website for more fashionable fall accessories.