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Ethical Fashion???

4 Mar


I have proposed a question within the title of this article. Ethical Fashion…. Can it exist? Well within the eyes of the Founders of Sseko Designs the answer is an astounding YES! Sseko Designs hires women in Uganda to make sandals. These women come from all different walks of life. In return they earn funds that go directly towards their College educations to invest in their bright futures.These women are receiving practical work experience and life long skills. The sandals they create are exquisite. Honestly they are fashion forward and very versatile. The Ribbon sandals design is simple, however from one shoe you have limitless creativity. The ribbons can be changed, which gives you many options. There is even a guide to show you all the different ways you can tie your shoes. And they also offer accessories such as beads, and jewels to jazz up your design. You can literally have 10 shoes in one. I will be purchasing the classic sandal package for $69.99. You get 3 ribbons and a base. That’s like having 3 shoes in 1. Not to mention your supporting a great cause. I am all about paying it forward. Please check out http://ssekodesigns.com . I doubt you will be disappointed .There are so many other cool designs and accessories so please take a look. If you know of any other companies who are involved in ethical fashion, please feel free to share with me in the comments section below!









Get The Look: Hot Havana Nights….

2 May

The best part of Summer is traveling… I am not sure why most New Yorker’s travel during the Summer but we do… This look is inspired by those Hot Havana Nights…. A bright emerald-green bathing suit, paired with a beautiful multi-color kaftan and simple sandals with shades makes the nights that much hotter… The hair should be wet, wild and wavy to add to the overall look…. Now all you need is your sunblock…


Simply Studded

Trend Alert: Socks and Sandals

9 May

So my fashionistas, I know we are all just dying to pull out those sexy sandals.  However, while the weather may be getting beautiful, it is not Summer as yet.  But who says we can’t wear our sandals and look appropriate for the season?  Adding a little twist and wearing a pair of socks on your footsies  can help you do just that!  Socks and sandals has been a fashion trend that seems to never go away.  Fashionistas aren’t tired of this look yet and neither am I!

Tell me what you think Lovies!  Will you be trying this look for Spring?

Count Down to Spring….

7 Mar

Daylight saving times is near and you know what means? We are one step closer to spring!!! Now I hope you ladies have been keeping up with your manicure’s and pedicure’s because it is almost time to have fun in the sun. With that being said you should be starting to buy some of your Spring/Summer stuff now. Let’s remember lovely’s Fashion works ahead and there is already shorts and tank tops on the shelves… But if you need some shoe inspiration let me assist you with some hot sandals you are sure to enjoy!!!



Soft and dainty... ASOS Flower


Tribal Embroidery.. Dolce Vita Edda


Bedazzled.. Juicy Couture Hermosa


Electric Blue... Diesel


Oro Negro... Miss KG Kashmir