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Things That Make You Say Hmm…

2 Sep

So Rihanna is in the news again for poor publicity… This time the media is slamming her outfit of choice. While partying in London Rih Rih was spotted wearing thigh high snake skin boots sending PETA into a frenzy… Animal activist everywhere are pissed off at Rihanna’s outfit of choice. I have to weigh in on this discussion because I am a fan of Rihanna and I do love her personal style…. In retrospect I completely understand PETA’s stand on animal cruelty and I support it… Trust and believe, I love animals…. However I must admit I feel PETA at times can takes things to a whole extreme level…  I understand their passion for protecting animals and stopping animal cruelty however I also support people’s right to choose what’s best for them….

I am not sure if you remember the craze Peta fan who threw a bag of mysterious white powdery substance on Kim Kardsahian as she walked the red carpert or the infamous paint throwers who feel the need to soil people’s fur coats in a act of standing for animal rights…. Instead of teaching people about the cruelty of animals certain people choose to use force, harmful words or violence to make a statement… Which is doing nothing but creating a bigger problem… Dont get me wrong I am not saying EVERYONE at PETA is running around  throwing red paint. But I personally feel instead of insulting one another, teach one another….

Yahoo.com reported that  the PETA spokesperson stated that Rihanna’s recent  admittance to still loving her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, saying the singer “may  not have a clue that snakes killed for boots are often  nailed to a  tree and skinned alive. Of course, they can’t go on Oprah to  cry about  it.” Now that’s a low blow in my opinion…. Instead of being mad at Rihanna maybe that anger should be directed towards the designer who made the boot…

The moral of this story is USE your words carefully people… You can gain so much more by speaking to another in the spirit of love and teaching one another versus speaking out of anger and malice… I love animals too but it doesn’t help solve the problem by taking cheap shoots at one another… Take a look at the boots and share your thoughts..

*Images provided by yahoo.com and shoerazzi.com


Simply Studded

Breaking Fashion Rules!

7 Sep

Gone are the days of not wearing white after Labor Day. I believe sometimes fashion “rules” are meant to be broken. So to debunk on one of the most style notions on the planet is the belief you should not wear white after Labor Day.  I have put together some great pieces below. How’s that for breaking the rules? There is no question as to whether white is acceptable to wear during any particular season.Winter white is a huge upcoming trend!—and many seasons to come. The only rule is “Wear your winter-white with confidence!” Learn the rule for pulling off any look and then Rock It Out!  After all, you have to master the rule before you can break it.




Rihanna wore a Portofino Yves Saint Laurent White Jumpsuit.

An affordable version available at ASOS is a Cross Back Wide Leg Jumpsuit featuring a wrap front and with a plunge V-neck , fitted waist with ruched finish, twin hip pocket, open back with a cross over strap design to reverse, adjustable metal fastening and a concealed zip closure.

Inspired by a hunting cartridge carried by Coco Chanel herself. This bag was designed among others in the collection to emanate a boyish charm. Featuring a timeless structured shape, cool sleek chain and heavy hardware to match, it will be your wardrobe white knight for fall and winter.

SR Squared by Sondra Roberts St Tropez Lizard Shoulder Bag is a parallel version of the Chanel bag.

White fedora hat can upgrade a plain outfit

A white mango tailored blazer added to your closet is certainly fashion forward

Best Makeup To Match Hair Color!

2 Sep

Finding the right make-up to match your hair will ultimately give you a complete balanced look. Hair color and makeup combinations go a long way in terms of achieving a overall stunning look. If you want a striking look, your makeup must compliment your hair color to bring out your best features. Never be unsure of the right makeup hues to sport with your hair color. Learn how to match your makeup and hair; no matter if you have brunette, blonde, red or auburn colored hair.



Brunette- Having dark hair and bold lips usually calls for playing down the eye color for an even look. Dark hair can handle brighter makeup and still look fresh.

1. Brunette eyebrow

2. Red lip liner to keep lips fresh all day

3. Red lipstick for bright and bold lips

4. Sparkle neutral eyeshadow

Blonde- It’s easy to go overboard on makeup with blonde hair. Substituting blush for rosy cheeks and bronzer will avoid a washed out look. Draw attention to your eyes with neutral shadows and liners. Matching eyebrow and hair color will make or break your look.

1. Neutral eyeshadow and dark liner

2. Pale pink lipstick

3. Black mascara

4. Soft blonde eyebrow color

Red- This color hair calls for deep color in the eyes and neutral colors for a subtle look.

1. Creamy lip liner for the lips

2. A splash of color for the eyes blends well with red hair

3. Natural color palette with a little shimmer for the eyes

4. Neutral matte lipstick and a little gloss for a balanced look

5. Rose blush to brighten cheeks

Auburn- Adding both soft color and allowing the eyes to be on the darker side really shows up the hair color for a balanced look

1. Highlight natural skin tone with tinted moisturizer or primer

2. A smokey eye is the perfect combination for auburn hair

3. Soft pink lips for a toned look

4. Cream blush for cheeks

New LOOK~New RIH!!!

23 Aug

Rihanna is one fashion icon, that I can afford to say that I am a die-hard fan in terms of her fashion!!! I love that fact that she is constantly changing her looks and not afraid to take a dive! Rih has stepped out and surely is a trend setter in every sense of the word. Therefore, I have been watching her new look and just had to share my findings with our Studded Peeps and of course welcome any feed back that you may have on these looks. 

  • Rih rocked this cute look at the V Festival this past weekend. The look can be so copy-cat with the denim tied shirt, shiny black high-waiste shorts, fish neck stockings, and booties….Who is willing to try this look???

  • Rih was seen rocking this laid back look as I am loving the skirt, accessories, and of course the studded Christian Louboutins!!!

  • Owwwww!! Check out Rih in this Marigold wool coat!!! Read up on this color trend for the Fall in a previous blog post…

And last but not least, Rihanna was seen rocking this feathery look for the U.K. release of her perfume collection…

In my opinion, this look is so FAB and only Rihanna can pull it off so well!!!


Reb’l Fleur…

8 Jan

Rihanna is about to unveil her long-awaited fragrance “Reb’l Fleur”  which she collaborated with Parlux Fragrances Inc to create . The fragrance which is said to be reminiscent of her roots in Barbados’ mixed with the edge and grip of New York and Los Angles. The scent is  constructed of red berries combined with, purple plum and peach. At the heart are Hawaiian hibiscus flower, violet, tuberose and coconut water. The base is formed by vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk. The scent is suppose to embody Rihanna in that it represents who she is sexy, flirty, edgy and provocative. Fans will get a treat as there is a 30 second promotional video that will be used as advertisement for the Perfume. Rihanna has a certain como se’qua that just sells… If the perfume is anything like Rihanna’s style I believe it will sell and do well. So many celebrities have tried to have perfume lines and sadly the majority of them FAILED!!! I am rooting for Rihanna on this one because I can honestly see her having her own perfume and it being successful. As for price a 1.7-oz. eau de parfum will retail for $49, the 3.4-oz. size will be priced $59 and a 6.7-oz. body lotion will be sold at $30.  Fans can look forward to seeing Reb’l Fleur hit department stores as early as February.