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Twisted Sista…..

11 Apr

Rhi Rhi has landed yet another Mag Cover for Elle Magazine… The ever edgy Rhianna was styled by legendary Creative Director Joe Zee and photographed by Tom Murno. The feel and vibe of the shoot was  Havana Nights…. It was sultry, edgy and basically everything you expected from Rhianna. During her interview with Elle the Barbadian Princess opens up about everything from relationships, children, her  image and her ongoing controversy with Chris Brown. Pick up the May 2012 edition of Elle to get all the details…. Below are a few photos provided by Elle.com of the shoot…


Simply Studded

Hair-Story …..

10 Apr

Who would have known that a person’s hairstyle can define them…. We get so caught up in the minutiae details of celebrity life that we pick apart every aspect of their being. Anne Hathaway was spotted in Paris with a new short hair-do and the media took to a storm. There is so much controversy around her short pixie hair cut. Anne is pretty much known as that “All American Girl” so cutting her hair so short has given her a real edgy look. It is reminiscent of when Rhianna cut her locks and set the world ablaze. Remember that good girl went BAD and her image has never been the same since. In fact Rhi Rhi’s short hair cut has defined her personal style. Let’s see how Ms. Hathaway’s short cut defines her…


Simply Studded

Anne Hathaway Before: 

Anne Hathaway After:

Armani’s Ad Campaign!

10 Mar

She’s a pop star, She’s a trendsetter, She’s a fashionista and she is Rhianna! Once again, Rhianna has done an extraordinary ad campaign for Armani but this time it’s for the denim line. It’s hard to tell the ad is for Armani’s denim line which turns out to be a really neat catch in the end. This ad is absolutely timeless and I love the feel of old fashion mixed with classic.

She has never disappoint when it comes to showing us her edgy side and the inner fashion and creative beast in her. She is always the one to be different in more ways than one when it comes to her craft. I truly adore her style, her drive and her determination to stay relevant in the industry. Check out a few pictures below and a video for the ad. Let me know your thoughts…I would love to hear from you studded fans.

Trend Alert: It’s A Wrap….

8 Oct

So who would think Bandana’s would be making a major splash in 2011???  Celebrities like Rhianna, Mary Kate and Ashley and Cher Lloyd to name a few have been seen rocking the hardcore style. It is very reminiscent of Rosie the Riverter… That sign of a strong, bad ass woman! It is trend that I am sure will make a few more splashes this year. You don’t have to be a gangsta to rock the style, in fact it has a soft feminine quality to the overall look depending on how you wear it (use Rhianna has a reference). It can be very risqué like a pin-up girl or straight badass.  Here are a few looks I LOVE…..


Simply Studded

Double Take…..

7 Jun

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. However in the fashion world that is the biggest faux pas. No one wants to be seen wearing the exact same outfit. Individuality is key especially when it comes to red carpet events. However let’s be serious we know  things do happen, but the real question is who rocked it better? Here are a few celebrities who are sure to make you do a double take…  I need you guys to be the judge of who rocked the outfit best!!!! Personally I am loving Ms. Rhi Rhi (Rhianna) and Kate Hudson… But I want to hear from you!



Rhianna wearing Alexander Wang

Model Joan Smalls in Alexander Wang

Eva Longoria in Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham wearing her own Designs.

Russel Brand in Acne

Kate Hudson in Acne

Ciara in Balmain

Alicia Keys in Balmain

Red, Sparkles, and Lace…

6 Feb

Zac Posen is one of those designers who always knows how to captivate an audience and tantalize the senses. His Spring 2011 collection is full of beautiful hand crafted pieces. Zac is definitely one of my favorite designers. Many of my Fashionista’s will remember in 2008 Rhianna was Zac Posen’s muse. At the 2008 American Music Awards she wore the cutest  ivory baby doll dress.  She looked absolutely yummy!!!! Fast forward to his 2011 Spring collection. You will see this seasons upcoming trends displayed vividly… Red, Sheer, Lace and Plenty of Sparkle!!! So keep your eyes on the runway and take notes. My fave piece has to be the jackets constructed out of feathers. Can we say OMG!!! Zac is a designer who designs with women in mind… He understands the delicate balance between sensuality and femininity.