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New Year… New You….

1 Jan


Out with the old and in with the new… Each year brings in brand new resolutions and the biggest one of all is getting fit! I know I am not the only one who makes this resolution every year. However at my age I am taking it seriously. You will be proud to know I even started a 60 day challenge to get fit (Lord help me). My cupboards and refrigerator are packed with wholesome foods. I have all my vitamins and detox teas ready however the most important part of getting in shape is exercise! Having the right work-out gear is essential.  Believe it or not but having the proper sneaker can make all the difference in your work-out. Reebok has some great gear and not to mention it’s fashionable.

Whether you enjoy a sprint or a power-walk there is a sneaker right for you. Below are a few of my faves however you can also  check out the entire website at http://www.Reebok.com

Happy New You For 2015!


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Sneaker Head In All Red….

19 Jun

It’s been awhile since I did an article for my sneaker heads…. So here’s to you…. After this you will all be seeing red!!! These sneakers are from DC, Supra, Reebok and Creative Receration in different hues of red and burgundy… So take a look and enjoy…





Reethym Nation

15 Aug

Swiss Beatz has been making a major splash in the sneaker industry. He has teamed up with Reebok and the partnership has been CRAZY. This is not the 5411’s that everyone is use too. To my non-sneaker heads 5411 is the original Reebok classic sneakers. What Swizz has created is fashion forward, edgy and simply fresh to def.. The Kamikaze embodies dope style with uniquie color combinations. Swizz didn’t stop there he also designed the apparel which includes tee-shirts, jackets, hoodies and snapbacks (hats) that can be coordinated with each pair of kicks. Fellas if you don’t have a pair I suggest you get on it at $99.99 you can’t go wrong!!!