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Fall into leaves…

29 Sep
Fall into leaves...

$29 – ginatricot.com

J Brand high-waisted jeans
$305 – liberty.co.uk

Banana Republic clothing

Chloé purse

Quay round sunglasses
$35 – princesspolly.com

Blushing Lady

26 Sep
Blushing Lady

Striped knit dress
$220 – karenmillen.com

Valentino chain shoulder bag
$2,710 – farfetch.com

Maison Margiela rose gold plated jewelry
$440 – net-a-porter.com

Quay matte sunglasses
$35 – princesspolly.com

Kate Spade tech accessory

Made In America…… Not Anymore….

14 Jul

So Ralph Lauren is under a lot of scrutiny for the USA teams uniforms. Mr. Lauren has a contractual agreement to create the uniforms for the USOC until 2020. The outfits of course are full of patriotic pride until you see the label “Made In China“….. The label has created so much controversy amongst Congress and Americans alike. At a time when employment is at an all time low many feel that Ralph Lauren could have had the outfits created here instead of out sourcing to China. That could have easily created a few jobs in the USA. Not to mention the overall pride of being made in the US of A….. Ralph Lauren released a statement that all future USOC uniforms will be made in America. He also stated “Ralph Lauren promises to lead the conversation within our industry and our government to address the issue to increase manufacturing in the United States”…. With so much out sourcing there are very few things created in USA.

I would like to hear your comments on this.. Do you think it is an issue that the uniforms were made in China or is the whole argument trivial? Please weigh in loves!!


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Trend Alert: New Age Flapper Girl

13 Jan

Well fashionista’s I am about to put my FIT degree to work with this trend alert… So often in fashion, trends are influenced by culture, social class, entertainment or the arts (literature, theater, etc)…. If you havent heard already this year “The Great Gatsby” remake will be hitting theaters with head liners such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire to name a few. The F. Scott Fitzerland classic has already influenced fashion scene with designers such as Matthew Williamson, Chanel and Ralph Lauren showcasing designs that roar of the 1920’s. It is a look that is definitely for a night on the town…. It’s a bit rebellious as well as a bit sensual. I have put together a look that I drew inspiration from Matthew Williamson’s collection. The look has the right bit of lace, sparkle, shimmer and shine. Simple accessories were chosen to keep the focus on the dress. A twiggy inspired pixie cut completes the look with a light shimmer of shadow and simple peachy nude lip. Ladies take to the night and show off the inner “Flapper Girl” within you.


Simply Studded

Think PINK!

12 Oct

October is breast cancer awareness month and in an effort to promote awareness and the importance of early detection plenty retailers are selling items to give back causes devoted to awareness, education and research against breast cancer. Most of us know someone that has been affected by the disease. Below I have listed a variety of my favorite, fabulous and fashionable things that you can purchase to support the cause. Let’s stand together, I think that’s pretty powerful!

Conair flat iron can be purchased at Macy’s for $19.99

Little pink bag can be purchased at Bloomingdale’s for $20.00

Movado breast cancer awareness watch can be purchased at Nordstrom for $350.00

Betsey Johnson breast cancer awareness stretch bracelet can be purchased at Dillard’s for $55.00

Pink pony t-shirt can be purchased from Ralph Lauren for $125.00

Pink pony scented candle can be purchased from Ralph Lauren for $45.00

Those are just a few of my favorite items in support of breast cancer month. There are plenty of retailers selling different items and will donate a portion if not all proceeds to help overcome this disease. Go out and support a good cause.

Black Label…

24 Jun

I’m really a die-hard fan of the Black Label line by Ralph Lauren Fellas!!! In my opinion, the looks are fashion forward and trend setting. Therefore, I was not surprised by the looks that I see for the Spring/Summer for this brand. Normally, the looks were more dark, living up to the name of the brand. This time around they have stuck to more neutral colors, showing that they can switch up there color assortments but still maintain their image. 

As always, I’ve picked some of the looks that I think are hot for this season. Fellas (Ladies too), please tell me your thoughts:

  • I’m really digging the white leather jacket. White happens to be a major hit this season!

  • Staying true to their brand name, I’m liking the overall look here.

  • Loving the ripped jeans!

  • Both looks are a hit, the company is showing that they offer both business and dress down attire. The grey is an added plus!

*Photos provided by GQ Magazine.


Fashion has gone Digital!

23 Feb

Why am I so late on this??? I know that we are into the new year but I couldn’t keep what I found to myself especially when it comes to fashion! Ralph Lauren, in their 10 year “digital innovation” launched a first time ever 4D digital fashion show last November. What a way to set the bar high in the fashion world! They unveiled their new collection via the net which I thought was extremely creative. It looked as if the models were walking right at you. In addition to this, they showcased their accessories and perfume collection.  

Although I was truly blown away by this digital show, I couldn’t help to think what would happen if fashion shows were cut out and only viewed on the net?? Do you think that technology is taking over?? I happen to love live fashion shows and being able to see the couture up close and personal. However, it is still cool to see what technology can do and I give this video a thumbs up!

Please take a look and tell me your thoughts.

Be Blessed!


Man’s Best Friend…

8 Jan

A Dog Owner is a uniquie person… I should know I am one… My dog Pimpen is my pride and joy needless to say I have no children right now (besides Pimpen LOL). And like a proud mommy I look for the best for my lil man and that includes clothes… I have a male dog so finding him clothes that are fashionable is always hard (I’m sorry but my dog gotta have swagger too)!  The female dogs have skirts, dresses, and even shoes… Meanwhile there is nothing for my little man to choose from.

So I am always looking for what’s hot when it comes to my dog…  There is Han Nari from Japan, Fifi and Romeo hailing from LA and one of my Fav’s The New York Dog Shop.  You can purchase clothing online at all those retailers. I have also found some the cutest outfits and accessories in Wal-Mart.. Don’t sleep on Wal-Mart you will be surprised! But my all time favorite retailers of dog clothing has to be Ralph Lauren and Juicy Couture. Ralph Lauren offers Polo shirts you can personalize with your dog’s name and Juicy Couture has created their signature velour hoodie in doggie size.. So when you’re getting your “swagger on” remember your little one at home… After all they say that a Dog is man’s best friend….

Classic Dog Polo


Juicy Velour Doggie Hoodie


Big Pony Dog Polo


Juicy Doggie Hat and Scraf Set