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Prom 2012…

23 May

I don’t want to date myself however I remember prom dresses being big elaborate gowns. We had a little fashion and more fabric and sequins than we could stand…. However nowadays prom dresses are shorter, cuter, and more affordable as well as more fashion forward…. Now you can buy a prom dress on-line, Forever 21, even H&M…. Now that is a sign of the times…. Well here are a few dresses I adore!


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Get Involved: Prom Drive 2012

8 May

So some time ago we posted that we were doing a Prom Drive to support young girls in financial need to attend their proms in style and lift some of the financial burden off their families. However due to unavoidable situations we were not able to continue with that project… But we are in support of an organization that is making moves within the community and working towards their 4th Annual Prom Drive Event.

Princess Chambers, Inc. was established in 2009 and is dedicated to recognizing and awarding young women with free prom dresses, shoes, and accessories. May 12, 2012 marks the 4th Annual Princess Chambers Prom Dress Event. This event is to alleviate the financial burdens a graduating high school senior may face when attending her senior prom.

Princess Chambers, Inc. main initiative is to provide donated new and slightly used formal dresses, shoes, and accessories. Princess Chambers, Inc. is an advocate of higher education, promotes academic excellence, building self- awareness and high self-esteem. For the past three years, we have given over 400 dresses to deserving students.

We are asking that all our readers’ support this organization as they aim to assist young women in need! Please click on the link to get all contact information and event details…

Princess Chambers-Prom Dress Drive


Simply Studded

In Need Of….

16 Jan

Hello simply studded fans we are in need of your help….. With the economy in such turmoil we want to do our share and touch the lives of others. We will be hosting a divialicious clothing drive to get graduating teens dresses for prom and graduation. We need the help of everyone so we are asking for full participation. We are looking for donated dresses, shoes and accessories. Please keep in mind this is for Prom and Graduation 2012…. We will be working with an organization to donate all the materials too. If you are interested in becoming involved please feel free to contact us directly via e-mail simply_studded@yahoo.com Let’s work together to make a difference in the lives of our young women!

I can’t wait to hear from you all….



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