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Stylish Innovation ….

7 Jan

 Always the business woman Lady Gaga always finds ways to keep herself relevant, fashion forward and on top of her game. No matter what the naysayers may feel or say you must respect Gaga’s hustle. Lady Gaga has teamed up with Polaroid creating a Grey Line which will include GL20 camera glasses, GL10 portable printer and GL30 digital camera. I am super excited about the GL20 glasses they will have  a built-in camera and dual LCD screens that display photos or videos on the outer side of the lens.  The photos and videos can be uploaded to a USB drive, which is located in an earpiece or the images and video can be sent to other devices via Bluetooth.  Everything Gaga touches becomes gold so I am sure this new partnership with Polaroid will be no exception. Fans can expect to snag something up as early as April of this year when the GL10 portable printer will be released.  As Lady Gaga stated this is definitely a merger between fashion and technology…     

Lady Gaga wearing GL20