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Like No Other, Dita Von Teese

31 Jul

With a Cherry on TOP!!!

If you take old Hollywood glam, mixed with two parts Burlesque, a dash of pin-up girl retro style and a pinch of sex appeal you will get DITA VON TEESE…. Dita was born Heather Renee Sweet and began her career with fetish and glamour modeling. Known and highly regarded as a tighlacer.  According to Wikipedia an tightlacer is someone who practices daily tightlacing; the wearing of a corset for long periods in order to reduce the natural circumference of the waist. Dita has a natural waist of 22 inches but can be laced fully to 16.5 inches!!!!!! Now that is CRAZY….

Dita has this certain aura about her that makes her a star.  It’s no wonder why she became so big within the industry of Burlesque. There is one act that Dita is known for all over the world. She performs a tantalizing striptease in a huge margarita glass…. All I can say is it is a SHOW to be seen!!! In the world of fashion Dita Von Teese is an icon. Her retro style and unique taste can’t be beat. With no further ado I introduce DITA VON TEESE.

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Trend Alert: The Pompadour

17 May

Picture provided by Wikipedia

The Pompadour an essential fashion statement in hair was named after Madame de Pompadour aka Jeanne Antoinette Poisson a member of the French Court and Chief Mistress of King Louis XV. Madame Pompadour was known for her elaborate hairstyles which were quite expressive of her playful personality. Flash forward to the future and the Pompadour hairstyle is still a huge trend. It has become more refined and delicate than the days of Madame de Pompadour however it is still quite expressive and definitely fashionable. I have included a few pictures of the pompadour style done right!!!!



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