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Writers Block Yields the Perfect Cup of Joe

5 Jul

Let’s call this the food bloggers blah! So today I am having a hard time writing. Yes it is a national holiday, and no I actually did not have ANY alcoholic beverages.  So what is my problem? Honestly I cannot tell you.  I thought of several different things that I could write about, but I kept coming to road blocks.  Where does this leave me you ask?… In the middle of food bloggers “no man’s land”.

Coffee is the answer for some when a situation like this arises. I don’t drink that either. LOL But I figured that while we wait for my personal writers strike to end, we could watch Sir Alton Brown rant about how to make the perfect “Cup of Joe”. I hope that you are okay with giving me a pass on this one. I admit that I am completely messing this one up. I hope there is no love lost…

Your Culinary Cousin,

Hershey 🙂