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Who Makes The First Move?

5 Sep

Recently, On my way to the office I found myself playing eye tag on the train with this tall dark sexy brother (just how I like em’). We sat across from each other, he looked at me up and down and smiled (had me hot) and I looked back in my good girl, shy, innocent but yet ever so sexy look, I smiled back.  This went on for what seemed to be forever.  It was clear we were flirting. As I sat there, I was thinking I have three more stops. This man better say something to me already. He never did. When I got off the train he looked back at me smiled and waved good-bye. I wanted to run back into the train but three things stopped me. I was running super late for work, I didn’t want to look desperate, and I had a great pair of heels on. I was annoyed all day. I went into the office and I made it my focus point of our coffee making conversation with the ladies. It even went well into after work hours having that glass of wine later on that evening.

“Who makes the first move”?

It is plain wrong that society still views women who makes the first move as being too forward and unlady like. In the age of women singing and dancing to the independence movement what is wrong with us making the first move? We know what we want when it comes to our education, we are aggressive when it comes to getting our money, we attack when one threatens to harm our young, we will even hurt that chick eyeing the same pair of shoes on sale knowing it’s the last pair in our size. But when it comes to the possibilities of finding “the one” we fail to make that move.

What are we afraid of?

I say of course, there’s nothing wrong with a woman making the first move. It’s not a bad idea,  I think it shows confidence on our part. A woman should definitely send out a clear signal letting a guy know if his move would be welcomed. And if he still doesn’t get it (you know at times they can be clueless) I say put your best foot forward smile and say something cleaver like ” next move is yours”.  Don’t worry about the thrill of the chase, who cares when there is chemistry in the air. Now  if the man feels threatened by this behavior or just doesn’t like it, then he is not the one for you. Because it’s clear that you are the type of woman who goes for what she wants.  But it’s like a lot of things in life, it’s about taking that leap of good faith.