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Stepped Up Shoe Game…

6 May

So fellas its time to get your grown and sexy on…. And contrary to what most believe a man’s shoes say’s a lot about him. For years men have had the disadvantage when it comes to their shoe game but recently designers have been catering to a whole new style of man…. Offering fashion forward shoes to spruce up any outfit… Here are a few delectable finds….

Enjoy Fellas,

Simply Studded

One Word… FRESH

11 Mar

I think most ladies would agree that there is nothing sexier than a fashionable guy who can elude masculinity. I am a fan of fashion forward men. Some of my faves Pharrell Williams… I love his corky sense of style and the fact that he adapts his style to fit his persona. A second fave is Andre 3000 from the legendary group Outkast. Andre definitely walks to the beat of his own drum but he looks fabulous doing it!!!!

Cole Haan reinvented the Oxford shoe and added vibrant color combinations to tantalize the eye… For many Oxford’s may appear as outdated style however Cole Hann took a classic and gave it a modern spin. I love the color combinations and think these shoes can be worn as casual or formal and still make a statement.


Simply Studded