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Simple Hot Days….

8 Jul
Simple Hot Days....

Tracey neuls shoes
$160 – graziashop.com

Marble jewelry

Maybelline lipstick
$9.04 – boots.com

Beauty product

Coming to you Live!!!!

12 Feb

You all know what time it is!!  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!!!  Now most fashionistas are wishing and praying to just get a glimpse of all the action, I know I am:)  And some may have even tried their best in the past to sneak into a tent or two to view those beautiful pieces coming down the runway. Well this time around my Beauties, no worries!  Designers are making it much easier to view their collection FIRST!  They are coming to you live via YouTube!!!

YouTube is streaming shows directly from Lincoln Center, letting the rest of the world enjoy what only a select few are able to.   They have partnered with Maybelline, and is live-streaming shows from everyone including Marc Jacobs, Luca Luca, and Alexander Wang, just to name a few.  Check out  youtube.com/liverunway, where you can watch these beautiful shows and feel as if your right there, front row!

Images Via: mbfashionweek.com