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Style Watch…

22 Jun

While having a cocktail (ok maybe two), with some friends for my birthday. I couldn’t help to love the outfits around the room. The girls were really stepping out as they usually do. One look that I loved was courtesy of  Camoy Briscoe, as it was put together and matched up very well. In my opinion, the look was overall HOT.

Therefore, in today’s edition of Style Watch we will be looking at this Event Consultant’s attire from Head to Toe.

Questions on the Fab attire:

Trish: Camoy! I’m really feeling your outfit!!

Camoy: Thanks Girlie!

Trish: What was the inspiration behind your outfit???

Camoy: I was going for Tribal meets Fabulous look tonight!

Trish: I can totally see that! Do tell where the clothing is from…

Camoy: Sure, no problem! My blouse is from American Apparel, shoes are Giusepps, bag is from Marc Jacob, and get this…the skirt is from Forever 21!!!

Well there you have it people! What do you think of our style watch???

Stay Blessed,


Trend Alert: Skirts!!!

29 Apr

While shopping the other day, I must say that I was more than impressed with the skirt trends this season. The colors are so rich, and the prints are so vibrant creating a fun festive feeling. Overall, it just makes you want to jump into the sunny weather and let those legs loose…. Can you feel the sun shining on your legs???? Imagine the warm, comforting rays of the sun!!! Hmmmmm…..

Below are some skirt looks for this seasons trend both long and short:

  • This look is from D&G and I personally love it!!! Ladies, you can get a similar look like this from H&M or Zara!

  • This look is from the Chloe collection, and I happen to call this look, the Ballerina skirt. I like that way it flows and its quiet elegant.

  • You can always count on Marc Jacob to give you a hot look. Please pay attention to the High Waist skirt here.

Be Blessed!