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Trend Alert: Man-Bags!!!

15 Jun

This year Man-Bags have become very popular in the fashion industry and among some male celebrities as well. Some credited designer have been up on this trend for some time now, while others are now getting into the swing of things. My favorite bag designer, Louis Vuitton, have some trendy pieces that you fellas might like. The other designers that have some cool pieces are Gucci, Marc Jacob, and Prada (just to name a few). This season it is said that the designers are going bigger with the bag selection for men as they use these bags for travel,work, or personal purposes.

With that being said, some may not like this look for men and some do! I will let you be the judge of that with some pieces that I picked from the Spring 2011 Louis Vuitton collection.

What do you think about these looks?

Be Blessed,