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Super Woman….

28 Jan

So Love and Hip Hop’s own Emily B recently graced the pages of Kontrol Magazine and all I can say is yes mama you are KILLING THEM (Fabulous song). Emily looks beautiful draped in a red Micheal Kors dress . She was included in Kontrol Magazines “shape issue” and I think we all know why. Emily is far from being skinny however she has what we call a “coke bottle shape” meaning she has an hour glass figure that curves in all the right places. Not only did Emily look pretty she looked so happy. I think when viewers watch the show we see one side of Emily which is generally melancholy. However in this photo-shoot she looked vibrant, fun, and sassy all mixed together giving viewers a more playful side to Ms. Emily B… Take a look at the pictures photographed by Allen Cooley and styled by Julian Lark. And tell me what you think…


Simply Studded

Swagged Up……

27 Dec

So this article was inspired by Jim Jones…. For those of you unfamiliar with the name I am not talking about Cult Leader “Jim Jones” but the Harlem-based Rapper “Jim Jones”. I find inspiration everywhere and as I watched VH1’s Love&Hip Hop I saw Jim rocking this FRESH denim jacket with leather sleeves and I was in LOVE…. I found out the jacket was actually designed by Jim for his clothing line Protocol which is a venture he combined with Parish Nation…. The jacket is sold out on the site (and I can see why)…. But you can check their site periodically for stock list updates…. I have included a few other looks I like……



Protocol Denim/Leather Jacket

Black Apple Denim/Leather Jacket

Dsquared “Eagle” Leather/Denim Jacket