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Kiss From A Rose….

5 Feb


Vanessa Simmons aka “Vanessa Jean” has launched her own lingerie line Rose. The line boast superior quality and comfort paired with cutting edge designs and fashion forward style. Rose caters to all sizes and every kind of woman. They have 3 distinctive areas that they are focusing on Naughty Little Princess, Vintage Chic and Rock Your Sexy!!!!!

Vanessa is no rookie to fashion, after successfully launching Pastry with her sister Angela; Vanessa has gained notoriety and prestige in fashion. With the introduction of Rose, Vanessa is ready to take the glamorous world of fashion by storm!!!!!



Lingerie as Outerwear?!

6 Jun

As the weather gets warmer, more individuals feel the need to wear as little clothing as possible.  Some are even wearing their lingerie out!  Now this look may sound a bit risque to some, but if done right it can have a charming and delicate look.

How do you feel about the “lingerie as outerwear” look?  Let us know!