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Not Too Tight, Just Right…

16 Oct

So there has been a big debate in the world of mens fashion. Many of us are well aware of the skinny jeans phase. Generally it is a pair of too tight jeans that needs to be worn off the waist so that your underwear shows and the pants fit you comfortably. Particularly I am not a fan of that fad however to each his own. I am however a fan of “fitted” clothing.  Men get this mis-conception that it has to be either extremely baggy, or ridiculously tight. In my opinion that false way of thinking needs to stop!!! Every man can not look like Lil Wayne or Big Sean however you can wear clothing that compliments your body structure. I decided to show you a few athletes who wear clothing that fit their bodies “Just Right“.  I chose athletes because they all have different body frames and heights. However you will see that each individual has an outfit that accentuates their body showing their masculinity in a fashion forward way. My favorite is Amare Stoudermire! At 6’ft 10 inches and 240 pounds he is still representing sex appeal combined with swag. Fellas start taking pride in your clothing. Having fitted clothing is grown and sexy… Here are a few looks I enjoyed!


Simply Studded

 Amare Stoudemire’s Looks Like a Sexy Chocolate Drop in All That Brown! The Sweater is Fitted Nicely With His Pants And  Button-Up Shirt.

Carmelo Anthony is Looking Like a BOSS! I Love The Fitted Trench Coat, Paired With The Red Pant and Oxford Blue Button-up and Tie.

I Have a Thing For a Man in a Cardigan! There is Nothing More Classic and Chic. Dwayne Wade Looks Sophisticated in This Close Fitting Number.

Lebron James Has a Mix of Preppy With Fashion Edge. The Jeans are Fitted and Pair Well With The Button-Up and Vest… And The Boots….. BOSS