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Style Watch: Lance Gross

18 Jul

Ladies, this style watch is just for you!!! In my opinion, Lance Gross has impeccable style and his charisma is an added plus! This trendy actor just turned 30 a few weeks ago and definitely keeps the ladies smiling.

Well ladies, wait no longer and take a look at  his fashion sense throughout the years….



  • I’m loving this look with the brown leather bomber jacket!!

  • Preppy looks are always cool on the Fellas! Loving this look with the sneakers!!

  • All I can say is I’m loving this pic… Lance is easy on the EYE!

*Please note that these photos are provided by www.theberry.com and http://www.mostbeautifulman.com/actors/LanceGross/bio.shtml


Check’n My Fresh…….

16 Jan

There is this big myth that “fashion” does not exist for men… Lie… Men are as relevant in fashion as women are relevant in history.  And just like a woman, a man should have certain foundation items in his closet. My item of choice is definitely the cardigan.  And no I am not talking about the Bill Cosby rendition. I am talking about the more fashionable, chic edition. Trust me men this is one item you need in your closet. It can be dressed down to give the nerdy/skate-boy look or it can be dressed up to give that preppy/gentleman look.  Cardigans don’t require much underneath them ether, usually a basic tee-shirt will do the job. Some of my favorite designer cardigans are Polo/Ralph Lauren (you can personalize your cardigan with your name and symbols), BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) and Banna Republic to name a few. But you can also be fashion forward at a discount and find amazing cardigans at H&M and Zara!  Here are a few of my fav celebrities rocking cardigans the right way… Gentlemen pay attention, because cardigans are a style staple that is here to stay..


Jay-Z said it best…You can pay for School but you can’t buy class! Pharell is full of class in this Classic Cardigan.


Kanye said.. Swagga on a hundred  thousand, trillion… Lance Gross swagger is evident! He is not afraid to take a risk with bright, bold color.

T.I. said he was Living revolutionary… Nothing less than Legendary… Ushers style is revolutionary… He sets trends and is ahead of Fashion!

Swagger Like Us..