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Spotlight on Ms. KreativeKay!

12 Jan

In the words of Swizzy: “Nails done! Hair done! Everything did!”  That’s when we know we look our best ladies, and the talented Katherine “Ms.KreativeKay” Evelyn can help you to do just that!  She is a business woman who has mastered the craft of nail art.  She is based in Long Island in the Greater New York area and  has been executing her unique, one of a kind designs since 2001.

KreativeKay specializes in color acrylics, Minx creations, 3-D art work, hand designs, as well as natural manicures & pedicures.

As a fully qualified nail technician, her aim is to provide her customers with a professional, relaxing, and fun experience.  Her extraordinary technique promotes exceptional, long-term artificial and natural nail care.  She is sure to leave every client with a feel of  satisfaction.

KreativeKay is passionate about every work of art she creates, be it a simple manicure or an intricate Minx creation.  She is often deemed as one who is full of knowledge and dedication for her work.  KreativeKay is always on top of her game!

In a sit down with her, I asked a few questions:

Ki: How did you get started with nail art?

KreativeKay: Messing around in nail school.  It was the week of nail art and I was goofing off!  I fell in love with the piece I did, and that’s all.

Ki: When looking for new ideas, what gives you inspiration?

KreativeKay: Music, abstract art pieces, and movies.

Ki: What would you say is the must have nail design for 2011?  Do you
foresee any new trends?

KreativeKay: Abstracts designs!  And you could never go wrong with black & white.  These two colors never go out of season!

Ki: What advice would you offer to someone wanting to break into the beauty industry and follow your path?

KreativeKay: Stay focused and follow your dreams!

KreativeKay left with these wise words: “Love your craft and your work will speak for itself!!!”

Take a look at her work for yourself…

She is definitely one to look out for!  If you would like to get your nails “DID” send me a message!  I would love to pass along her info!

Stay Blessed,