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Who Wore It Better: Sista… Sista….

8 Sep

So the Kardashian’s sisters Khloé  and Kim were spotted wearing the same hot pink dress from Myne…. The dress is simple in design however the bold color, style and cut of the dress makes it edgy and modern…. Both sisters styled the dress differently to match their unique personalities…

But the real question is who wore it better?????

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Paris Fashion Week 2012

7 Jul


The world of fashion has evolved…. Before the runway would be flooded with seats of hob-knob fashionista’s… Now you will see athletes, rappers, socialites, bloggers and even fashion greats such as Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld seating amongst one another enjoying the festivities. This year Paris Fashion Week rocked!!!! Jean Paul Gaultier was everything!!! And Christian Dior debuted their newest designer Raf Simons after the fall of John Galliano and it was a sure hit… Take a look at a few celebrities enjoying the show.

Images provided by Getty Images


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Are You Seeing Double…..

27 Jun

Television’s sweetheart Rachel Ray was recently seen in a rather risqué Marc Bouwer dress at the 2012 day-time Emmy’s. Rachel is known for being a TV personality on Food Network and NBC. Rachel is kinda the girl next door and generally her image is fashionable with reason. However at the 2012 Emmy’s Ms. Ray came out guns blazing…. Honestly I did not like this look at all on Rachel…  I found the overall look to be rather unflattering on Rachel. Kim Kardashian was spotted rocking the same dress last year. However the risqué dress fit kim because it complimented her figure and looked good with her over styling…. But that’s simply my opinion, I will let you be the judge…


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Get A Wig…..

4 Jun

So on my lazy day I decided to “Keep up with the Kardashians” on ETv and watching Miss Kim K I had an epiphany… Well let’s rewind….. The episode was all about Kim and her new fascination with wigs to create some fun in her life… And I thought… Hmmmmm… WIGS

Often times as women we want to change our look but out of fear of commitment, fear of change or fear of the unknown we tend to stick to what we know…. However in this new day and age we are presented with so many options in turns of wigs… This is not your everyday haloween costume wigs. However those are cool as well. But we are talking more modern day wigs. The styles, colors and manufacturing are so real it almost looks natural… So I say live a little!!! You may want to be a red-head but your scared of change well take after Kim K and get a wig!!!!  Be bold and live out your crimson fantasy….


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Get The Look: Kimmy K

27 Mar

So many of us get our style from watching celebrities… However unfortunately many of us can’t afford to drop a few thousand on a dress or pair of shoes. So we search the racks for comparable finds. Kim Kardashian was seen at TAO in Las Vegas in a hot Herve Leger bandage dress that hugged Ms. Kimmy at her every curve. A dress like this is well over a few thousand dollars. However don’t be dismayed we found a lovely match at $189!!!!! The “Camille dress” mimics a similar style with a far less price point. Pair with a simple pair of Jessica Simpson black platform heels and you are ready to rock the party!!!


Simply Studded

Keeping It Sexy…

17 Mar

The Kardashian Sister’s are at it again!!!! They recently released their “intimacy” collection through Sears. It features lots of lace, pretty pinks, blacks and nudes as well as lots of sex appeal. There is something there for everyone! You can dress your flirty side, your girly side and of course your sensual side. At a price range of $20.00 to $55.00 you can pick up a few items.  I must say the ladies looked lovely as well in their new advertisement of the brand. All you can do is respect these young ladies drive to always be at the top of their game. Take a look at a few pics…


Simply Studded

Bang-ing New Look!

4 Jan

Kim Kardashian has unveiled her new look to ring in the new year. I am not a big fan of bangs, however, if you have the right face, the right looks and great makeup techniques to emphasize and enhance your hairstyle you will be on the road to a stunning bang-ing experience.

The look is definitely quite different from her usual tresses which is always a flowing head of loose curls, straight hair or ponytails. The reality star showed off her sharp edged bang look while at TAO in Las Vegas for the New Year. I love the look especially because it’s layered in the front. It absolutely enhances her face and sharpens her features. What do you think of Kim’s new look? Love it? Hate it? Did you change your hairstyle to ring in the new year as well? I would love to hear from you studded fans.


20 Dec

Say what you want about the Kardashian family but I admire a family that is full of tradition…. The Kardashian’s released their 2011 Christmas Card and I can say I LOVED IT!!!! I read all over the web as individuals criticized how photo-shopped they looked, or how over the top the photos were. But looking into their family tradition the Kardsahian Christmas card is a tradition that has happened for years… It is not new found fame or celebrity that has brought about this tradition, in fact the family has been doing their Christmas card since the Kardashian sisters were just toddlers…. Both Khole and Kim released a glimpse into their family album on their individual websites which I provided a few photos below… Before we criticize their family traditions let’s think about how to build our own!!!!

Happy Holidays,

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Best Makeup To Match Hair Color!

2 Sep

Finding the right make-up to match your hair will ultimately give you a complete balanced look. Hair color and makeup combinations go a long way in terms of achieving a overall stunning look. If you want a striking look, your makeup must compliment your hair color to bring out your best features. Never be unsure of the right makeup hues to sport with your hair color. Learn how to match your makeup and hair; no matter if you have brunette, blonde, red or auburn colored hair.



Brunette- Having dark hair and bold lips usually calls for playing down the eye color for an even look. Dark hair can handle brighter makeup and still look fresh.

1. Brunette eyebrow

2. Red lip liner to keep lips fresh all day

3. Red lipstick for bright and bold lips

4. Sparkle neutral eyeshadow

Blonde- It’s easy to go overboard on makeup with blonde hair. Substituting blush for rosy cheeks and bronzer will avoid a washed out look. Draw attention to your eyes with neutral shadows and liners. Matching eyebrow and hair color will make or break your look.

1. Neutral eyeshadow and dark liner

2. Pale pink lipstick

3. Black mascara

4. Soft blonde eyebrow color

Red- This color hair calls for deep color in the eyes and neutral colors for a subtle look.

1. Creamy lip liner for the lips

2. A splash of color for the eyes blends well with red hair

3. Natural color palette with a little shimmer for the eyes

4. Neutral matte lipstick and a little gloss for a balanced look

5. Rose blush to brighten cheeks

Auburn- Adding both soft color and allowing the eyes to be on the darker side really shows up the hair color for a balanced look

1. Highlight natural skin tone with tinted moisturizer or primer

2. A smokey eye is the perfect combination for auburn hair

3. Soft pink lips for a toned look

4. Cream blush for cheeks

Shining Star!

31 Aug

Want an excuse to step out of your jeans for the night? This glistening ensemble will definitely  make you the shining star of the night and promise an evening full of glitz, glamour and of course Fab-u-lousity!

Sequins is definitely a trend that has fallen into the upcoming Fall season. The sequins pant is teamed with a puff sleeve blazer, and a fitted white tank for a very simple look which I paired with a strappy sandals. The outfit is being accessorize with big hoop earrings, a flat gold necklace and a stone filled ring to bring a little flash to the night.

No one will dare mistake where the party girl is headed when she’s spotted in this sparkling piece. This look says edgy, young and ready to party!

Sequin Party Outfit

From pants to dresses, sequins are very eye-catching, and an instant upgrade to a boring outfit. Check out some celebrities below looking star studded while rocking sequins.



Kim Kardashian in a sequins blazer

Jennifer Lopez in a sequins jumpsuit

Rihanna in sequins pants