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Style Crush: Kelly Rowland

23 Jun

So this post is dedicated to the fabulous Kelly Rowland… She has stepped out of the shadow of Destiny’s Child to make a presence all of her own! She was recently listed on Ebony’s sexy body list and I believe we all know why…. Take a look at her amazing style….

Empress Fragrance….

5 Aug

Sean “Diddy” Combs has launched a new fragrance for the ladies and guess who is  the spokes person for this new fragrance….Kelly Rowland!!! This event was sponsored by Ciroc (of course) in the Hamptons and I had some of my special peeps get me the deets as well as the pics.

Therefore, I thought I would  share with my studded peeps!!! Ladies, the fragrance is not bad at all. Go ahead and cop it, I know I will…

Be Blessed.





 *Photos provided by Ricee.

Who Wore It Best…. Kelly Rowland Versus Daisy Lowe

11 Jul

In fashion there will be duplicates…. Unfortunately that is apart of show business. The real question is who wore it better. In today’s edition we will look at music sensation Kelly Rowland vs English fashion model Daisy Lowe. Both ladies are rocking a Versace outfit in a playful colorful palette. However Kelly’s version is sleeveless and has patent leather accents around the waist line. Daisy Lowe’s version does not have the patent leather accents however it has a 3/4 sleeve. Both ladies kept it simple with a black platform shoe and minimal accessories. I honestly can’t decide because I love them both… But I will let you guys be the judge.

Kelly Rowland

Daisy Lowe

Trend Alert: Strawberry Kisses….

4 Jul

Pink is the new “IT” color for lipstick. And with the various tints of Pink it is easy to make any outfit POP…. Ladies don’t be afraid of a little color it can add value to your overall look and brighten up your face. You can go to any MAC or Sephora store and get a free consultation with purchase as to what hue of Pink is best for you… I want to hear from you guys what shades of pink are you rocking this Summer?

Here are a few ladies rocking Pink the right way all images provided by Style Bistro and Getty Images….



Kellee Rowland's Bubble Gum Pink is a Perfect Compliment to Her Skin Tone

Rhianna's Pale Pink is a Winner Paired With Her Virbrant Red Hair

Janelle Monae is Wearing What We Call Magenta

Chanel Iman is Rocking a Soft Rose Petal Pink

Solange Shows That Even a Pastel Pink Sets Trends

Tiffany Hines Big Bold Pink Color Looks Amazing

Go Lovaaa!!!

10 Jun

Kelly Rowland has really set off the summer with her smash hit Motivation!!! I’m so looking forward to her new album that is scheduled to be released on July 26th, titled “Here I Am”. In recent news, Kelly has teamed up with the famous-talented photographer Derek Blanks and did a fabulous photo shoot. The looks are extremely fashion forward and edgy!

  • Loving this look on Kelly! The shot is very natural and unique all at the same time!

  • I must say that Kelly is killing it with this look. The chain pants are FIRE!!!
  • Please pay attention to the detail in this garment! This outfit is really HOT!

  • What do you think about these looks? Aren’t they HOT???

*Pictures provided by Derek Blanks

Support the Album and most of all Stay Blessed.