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Paris Fashion Week 2012

7 Jul


The world of fashion has evolved…. Before the runway would be flooded with seats of hob-knob fashionista’s… Now you will see athletes, rappers, socialites, bloggers and even fashion greats such as Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld seating amongst one another enjoying the festivities. This year Paris Fashion Week rocked!!!! Jean Paul Gaultier was everything!!! And Christian Dior debuted their newest designer Raf Simons after the fall of John Galliano and it was a sure hit… Take a look at a few celebrities enjoying the show.

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It’s No Secert….

12 Nov


Every year I look forward to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. It is the one show that I can never truly miss. I love seeing all the whimsical outfits and watching which”Angel’s” recieve their wings. And who can forget the coveted jewel encrusted bra that is dripping in $2.5 milluon of jewels. It’s like a kid in the candy shop!!! The only thing that beats watching it on TV is watching it live…. This year’s show was star studded with celebrities from Nicki Minaj, to Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine to the Rap duo Jay-Z and Kanye West. I don’t want to give too much away but the looks are broken up into 6 themes Ballet, Super Angels, Passion Play, Angels Aquatic, I Put a Spell on You, and Club Pink… Here are a few highlights of the show but please make sure to tune in on November 29 on CBS to catch all the festivities.

* Pictures provided by zimbio.com


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Lala dazzled like a pretty piece of  candy….

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine looked gorgeous as he performed beside the Angel’s.

Nicki Minaj brought all of her quirky personality and style to show…

If there wasnt leather and animal print there would be no Mr. West… Digging his style!!

Jay-z was best suited in his trademark look “All Black Every Thang”… Simply fresh

Kanye West Presents: DW Women Collection

4 Oct

So I was super excited to hear that Mr. West released his first ever women’s clothing line. The clothing line was named in honor of Kanye’s mother Donda West (DW Collection).   Many may try to use the cliché of “designer/celebrity” however unlike other celebrities Kanye is a true fashion icon…. Kanye understands fashion and more importantly knows all about self-expression. Let’s not forget he gave Amber Rose her ultimate swag and pretty much made her known in the fashion world (harsh but true).

The S/S 2012 collection was released in Paris for fashion week. There was plenty of leather and fur which is stables of Mr. West personal style as well as current fashion trends such as color blocking, bohemian minimalism and use of metallics infused with flowy designs to create a vision of unrestrained beauty. It was an interesting collection that I believe in time will develop and grow. Take a look at a look at the designs and give us your opinions are you loving it or hating it? Personally I am not in %100 love but I do like what I see…  I am however excited to see the growth of the collection because I feel in due time it will be phenomenal….


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Trend Alert: Man-Bags!!!

15 Jun

This year Man-Bags have become very popular in the fashion industry and among some male celebrities as well. Some credited designer have been up on this trend for some time now, while others are now getting into the swing of things. My favorite bag designer, Louis Vuitton, have some trendy pieces that you fellas might like. The other designers that have some cool pieces are Gucci, Marc Jacob, and Prada (just to name a few). This season it is said that the designers are going bigger with the bag selection for men as they use these bags for travel,work, or personal purposes.

With that being said, some may not like this look for men and some do! I will let you be the judge of that with some pieces that I picked from the Spring 2011 Louis Vuitton collection.

What do you think about these looks?

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Leggo my Legos…

5 Apr

As a child I loved playing with my legos.  I would sit and build up houses, trees and just about anything my mind could conjure up…. Who would have ever known that the building blocks I loved as a kid would become Fashion. Kanye West was the first to introduce the whole lego concept when he adjourned the heart shaped lego pin made by Dee and Ricky on the cover of his heart break/808 album and in his debut in Vibe Magazine.

Then Will-i-am took the whole lego phenomena to another level  wearing a basketball cap and necklace made of Lego blocks. French fashion designer JC de Castelbajac took Lego’s to the high-end sending models strutting down the catwalk with lego made accessories.

And then there was Fergie.. Fergie in my opinion has always been kind of  a wild child, and being the first lady of Black Eye Peas she was sure to not be out done by label mate Mr. Will-i-am. Fergie performed at the Annual Kids Choice Awards in a dress and accessories made of Legos. I have to admit the dress was quite cute and all the detail that went into that garment is remarkable. The dress was custom-made by LA based Designer Micheal Schmidt. It was colorful, fun and fitting the theme of the night which was the “Kids Choice Awards”.  Fergie showed that deep down inside she is just a kid herself.

It just goes to show how fashion and innovation work hand in hand… But what I really want to know is who rocked the Lego the best??? My vote is definitely on Fergie. Sorry Yeezy….