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Hot Mama…

23 Jan

So I am expecting my first child and despite being pregnant I believe in still being a fashionista… A lot of people think once your pregnant or have a child your fashion should change…. I highly disagree…. This is the time for you to shine hot mama and feel like the queen you are! With that being said I have been looking at diaper bags. I understand that it is used to hold the baby’s essentials however it can still be fab-olo-us….. Here are a few designer bags I am sure you are to love…

*Also I found a few fashionable, afforable ones at walmart.com and babiesrus.com


Simply Studded

Marc Jacobs  

Kate Spade

Basq (bag comes filled with lots of treats for momma)

Juicy Couture




Count Down to Spring….

7 Mar

Daylight saving times is near and you know what means? We are one step closer to spring!!! Now I hope you ladies have been keeping up with your manicure’s and pedicure’s because it is almost time to have fun in the sun. With that being said you should be starting to buy some of your Spring/Summer stuff now. Let’s remember lovely’s Fashion works ahead and there is already shorts and tank tops on the shelves… But if you need some shoe inspiration let me assist you with some hot sandals you are sure to enjoy!!!



Soft and dainty... ASOS Flower


Tribal Embroidery.. Dolce Vita Edda


Bedazzled.. Juicy Couture Hermosa


Electric Blue... Diesel


Oro Negro... Miss KG Kashmir

Man’s Best Friend…

8 Jan

A Dog Owner is a uniquie person… I should know I am one… My dog Pimpen is my pride and joy needless to say I have no children right now (besides Pimpen LOL). And like a proud mommy I look for the best for my lil man and that includes clothes… I have a male dog so finding him clothes that are fashionable is always hard (I’m sorry but my dog gotta have swagger too)!  The female dogs have skirts, dresses, and even shoes… Meanwhile there is nothing for my little man to choose from.

So I am always looking for what’s hot when it comes to my dog…  There is Han Nari from Japan, Fifi and Romeo hailing from LA and one of my Fav’s The New York Dog Shop.  You can purchase clothing online at all those retailers. I have also found some the cutest outfits and accessories in Wal-Mart.. Don’t sleep on Wal-Mart you will be surprised! But my all time favorite retailers of dog clothing has to be Ralph Lauren and Juicy Couture. Ralph Lauren offers Polo shirts you can personalize with your dog’s name and Juicy Couture has created their signature velour hoodie in doggie size.. So when you’re getting your “swagger on” remember your little one at home… After all they say that a Dog is man’s best friend….

Classic Dog Polo


Juicy Velour Doggie Hoodie


Big Pony Dog Polo


Juicy Doggie Hat and Scraf Set