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Paris Fashion Week 2012

7 Jul


The world of fashion has evolved…. Before the runway would be flooded with seats of hob-knob fashionista’s… Now you will see athletes, rappers, socialites, bloggers and even fashion greats such as Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld seating amongst one another enjoying the festivities. This year Paris Fashion Week rocked!!!! Jean Paul Gaultier was everything!!! And Christian Dior debuted their newest designer Raf Simons after the fall of John Galliano and it was a sure hit… Take a look at a few celebrities enjoying the show.

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Simply Studded






John Galliano!!!

29 Jun

Hey Fella!!! Just so you know fashion week for Men’s Wear is in full effect in Paris! The designers are debuting their RTW Spring 2012 collection and I’m feeling the line from John Galliano. The looks are surely different and trendy. The designer, Bill Gayten, made sure the collection was articulate and detailed.

Below are some looks that I thought were different and cool…

What do you think about these looks??