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Get The Look: Sunday’s Best

9 Apr

So it was Easter Sunday yesterday and women and men all over the world were dressed in their “Sunday’s Best“….. People were decked out from head-to-toe. Beautiful shades of bright, vibrant colors, lovely patterns and designs were seen all over creating a sea of color and whimsy. I created this outfit for the classy chic kinda girl. Who wants to remain fashionable however still look like “Sunday’s Best”. A beautiful colored block skirt in a lovely hot pink and khaki combination, hot pink peep toe shoes, and a white flowy blouse to tie it all in. I had some simple jewels in shades of gold and bronze to add an extra pop and glitz to the look. Ladies you can take any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary with a few accessories. The hair has to be flowy, natural and simply beautiful…..


Simply Studded



Shop Til You Drop: Jewelz…..

8 Apr

So recently I launched my on-line store through Big Cartel yayyyyyyyyyy (in my SUPER excited voice)!!!! It has been my dream for sometime to have my own boutique… However due to circumstances I had to do the on-line store route for now. I am not one to have my dream differed.. So when life presented me with lemons I decided to squeeze it on a lobster… Moral of the story…. Just because one door is close doesn’t mean you can’t jump out the window.

With that philosophy I pushed forward and now I have my own on-line store and I am selling jewelry or as I like to say “jewelz“…  However I will be selling women’s apparel, shoes and accessories very soon so stay tuned! There is a little something for everyone and the prices are cheap and affordable. I ship to anywhere domestic…. Here are a few pictures of merchandise in stock. Take a look and let me know your thoughts, I love to hear from you all… And while your there SHOP!!!!

Website: http://simplystudded.bigcartel.com/


Simply Studded

The Chunkier The Better….

26 Jun

Accessories make any outfit POP and I am a huge fan of bangles… My motto the chunkier the better!!! I like to add various sizes with different textures and finishes to add pazzaz or SPICE to the overall outfit. It doesn’t require a lot of thought ladies just a sheer sense of style. Here are a few looks I love!!!!

I love the mix of gold and sliver simply fab-olo-us….

Big, bold and shiny… I adore

Pretty, delicate, soft and sweet….

Texture, texture, texture….

Edgy, rough and chic…. I Die!!!!!