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Get The Look: Ready to Conquer

20 Jan

  With the New Year brings new goals, new dreams and new desires… Right now you’re probably trying to land that dream job. With so much competition it’s quite difficult. Your resume should reflect your skills, talents and abilities so well that the individual reading it gets a greater sense of knowing you without actually ever meeting you. It’s a lot of stiff competition out there. But we were made to conquer! Dressing the part is just as important as your resume and cover letter.. Remember first impressions dictate a lot about a person. If you walk into a room confident, well kempt and professional that leaves a greater impression than having a great resume but sloppy appearance. It has to be the total package. You are asking someone to invest in you so you have to present as a worthy investment.

If you’re in the blue-collar field such as (Municipal, City Workers, Teachers, Engineers) etc. It’s best to wear professional attire. Men a suit with tie and ladies either a pants or skirt suit. You should stay within a monochromatic color scheme; such as navy, gray and black. However if you’re in a creative field such as (Fashion, Entertainment, Media, Arts) etc. You should offer a little more flair or personality to your look. There is a fine balance between the two and it shouldn’t be taken overboard. It’s essential to remain professional. Below I put together a look for women in the creative field. The look is built off basics… Adding a great blazer and pair of pants, which are essential to every gal’s closet. I wanted to bring out the individuality so I added a statement necklace with a basic pump in a shocking red. It adds a simple wow factor without being overstated. I would wear a simple white camisole underneath my blazer. And if you wanted to take this outfit from creative to blue-collar swap out the red pumps and statement necklace for a basic black pump and a simple necklace. Instead of the camisole I would wear a white button up to complete the look. It’s a New Year full of endless opportunities…. Dress the part and conquer your dreams!

*For all my fashionistas on a budget message me for affordable finds on business attire.



Cowgirl Fierce!

25 Jun

Miss Sasha Fierce herself has channeled a new look in Essence magazine’s July issue.  Beyonce has an amazing interview in this issue and talks of her year on hiatus away from the states and how it has changed her life.  It is a good read and the photo shoot is gorgeous.  Beyonce is a Houston, Texas girl so I am not shocked at how well she plays the role of a cowgirl:)  Take a look at a few glamorous shots below!

Owwwwww! I heart it!  What do you think?  Is Mrs. Carter aka “King B” nailing this fashion spread?  Yay or Nay?