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An Act Of Kindness….

5 Dec

So today in Church my pastor talked about the importance of being the word and not just saying the words. To explain what that exactly means is to let your actions reflect the words you speak. You can’t speak kindness and then show a mean spirit or attitude… You can speak love but always show hate. It is important to reflect your actions by the words you speak. This holiday season we were all challenged in Church to “Pay it forward”. If you see the movie you would understand this term.

The movie shows how one random act of kindness towards another can create an atmosphere of many people being kind to each other. So basically hold the door open for another, tell a stranger good morning, allow someone to cut you in line….. Just take time to do something for someone else with no expectations in mind. This holiday season I challenge you all to pay it forward and watch the blessings flow…..

Happy Holiday’s,

Simply Studded