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Something Like A Fairytale……

15 May

Snow White and the Huntsman had its UK Premiere and the stars were out to shine… Well at least some of the stars were… I love Kristen Stewart aka Bella as a quirky, weird actress in Twlight. However I am not at all amused by her fashion sense…. I don’t like to write negative commentary but I have to be honest her fashion sense is so drab, and unflattering…. She is a beautiful young woman however I feel she tries her best to always look awkward. That’s my personal opinion and it could be wrong but I am seriously disliking this Marchesa Skeleton dress she wore to the premiere. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of weird, nonconformist and original fashion… However in Kristen’s case I feel like she does it to draw attention away from herself and her beauty… It’s just my personal observation..

Charlize Theron was there and she shinned like a true star… She is half Kristen’s junior however she looked amazing in her revealing Christian Dior gown…. The fit was amazing and she looked like effortless beauty… I am becoming a fairytale junkie… I love watching “Once Upon a Time” on NBC as well as watching all the new renditions of fairytale classics so I a looking forward to seeing this movie!!! Anyway I wanna hear you weigh in on Kristen’s look is it fab or drab????

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