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Short, Short Chick….

14 Aug

So Miley Cyrus recently took to twitter to show of her new hairdo.. A super short bleached blonde edgy cut that is so not your typical ‘”Miley Cyrus” look… However Miley stated on twitter that she “feels more like her self (with the new hair cut) than she has ever felt”! Maybe she will be like Rhianna a good girl gone bad and her notoriety will go sky-high because of her new look. I think the look has to grow on me but it’s not a bad look for Miley…

Take a look at a few pics below…


Simply Studded

Make it BANG!!!!

31 Jul

Getting a banging new look and try some hair bangs… It adds volume to your face and accentuates the beauty of your face. There is all kind of bangs, side swept, blunt cut and curved… Here are a few looks for inspiration….


Simply Studded

Get A Wig…..

4 Jun

So on my lazy day I decided to “Keep up with the Kardashians” on ETv and watching Miss Kim K I had an epiphany… Well let’s rewind….. The episode was all about Kim and her new fascination with wigs to create some fun in her life… And I thought… Hmmmmm… WIGS

Often times as women we want to change our look but out of fear of commitment, fear of change or fear of the unknown we tend to stick to what we know…. However in this new day and age we are presented with so many options in turns of wigs… This is not your everyday haloween costume wigs. However those are cool as well. But we are talking more modern day wigs. The styles, colors and manufacturing are so real it almost looks natural… So I say live a little!!! You may want to be a red-head but your scared of change well take after Kim K and get a wig!!!!  Be bold and live out your crimson fantasy….


Simply Studded

Trend Alert: Braids!!!!

18 Jun
Box braids, micro braids, yarn braids, whatever you wanna call them, there is an absolute rising trend for them.  We’re not talking, low key, micro braids….no ladies we are talking “big, chunky, 1990’s Janet in Poetic Justice braids” LOL:)
Some believe this look to be old and out dated, but I love it!  It has this sexy, bohemian vibe.  Braids are perfect for the summer because they are low maintenance and give our natural tresses a  break from the abuse we tend to give it.  When rocking this hairstyle we can put away all the curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, and all the other damaging hair tools we fashionistas swear by.  We can rock this look with no fear!
 The best part: there is no need for hours at the salon!!!  Random size parts are welcomed because this style is carefree.  There is no need to be perfect and the longer the better.  “Super, super long” to be exact, is the goal!
So my fashionistas, tell me what you think.  Will you be taking it back to the days of Moesha aka Brandy????  Will you be rocking some box braids????

Trend Alert: Fishtail Pony!

28 May

Well fashionistas it is getting pretty humid out and I know that could equal to a bad hair day:(  But have no fear!  I found a cute new way to have your hair looking good no matter what the weather.  Why not try the “Fishtail Pony”?!!!  It’s a twist to the regular boring “braid” and it looks hawt!  Take a look!

Many of your favorite celebrities have also been rocking this sexy hair style!


Angela Simmons

Rhi Rhi

Leona Lewis

Kelly Osbourne

Cute right??!!!!!!!  I even found a “how to” video so that you can do this style with ease.  Watch and enjoy guys!:)

Hey Blondie…

18 Apr

This year, many celebs have been crossing over and becoming blondes!  My question is:  Do blondes really have more fun?  From the look of it, I think they do.  I am now contemplating on bleaching my hair and going down this route myself.  However, this color is not for everyone!  Take a look at the before and after of a few celebs.  Let me know what you think of their new blonde look.  Will you be trying this popular color out as well?

Amerie Before

Amerie After

Kat Von D Before

Kat Von D After

Jessica Alba Before

Jessica Alba After

Kim Kardashian Before

Kim Kardashian After

Cassie Before

Cassie After

Chris Brown Before

Chris Brown After

What do you think fashionistas???  YAY or NAY???

Trend Alert: The Cut…

14 Mar

Remember the Beatles and their cute hair?!

Well ladies and gents the cut is back and looking better than ever!  Fashionistas are taking risk and wearing the famous cut, known as the “Bowl” cut or the “Mushroom” cut, and they are taking bold steps to DO IT BIG!

Lovely right?!  These ladies look fab!  So if you are as daring as this, get to your stylist ASAP and have them hook you up with a new-do!!!