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Looking Fab for the Winter Blues…

7 Jan

I know we are all just about done with this thing called winter (I know I am) but why not look fab while it’s still here.  “How” ?????? You may ask….     Fur! Fur! Fur! It tends to give off the feel of fabulousness….i.e. the girl below dressed in a simple T and harem pants.. Which I absolutely loveee cause they make me feel so comfy
especially on the days when you feel blahhhhhh and don’t wanna button
those skinny jeans…but back to the fur guys!

I honestly prefer some good ole faux fur, I mean why not spare the
animals and look good doing it!  Real or fake, I love to see it.

She’s def “doin it” ain’t she!

I know we saw a lot of it on the 2009 and 2010 runways, but trust fur
never goes out of style!  And to make us feel better about it,
designers are doing a great job with improving the look and feel of
faux fur.

Faux fur was introduced to the fashion world in the 1920s.  While real
fur might have been extremely desirable, it was expensive and short in
supply.  So thank God for the geniuses who thought of another option.
Whew! (wipes sweat from forehead).

Since then, the technology of producing faux fur has greatly improved because of advances in textile manufacturing, allowing us to prance around in them feeling fab!  The color and quality of the fabrics are way better, therefore today’s faux furs can be nearly indistinguishable from the natural furs they imitate.

So enjoy lovies and feel sexy and less guilty with ya faux fur on!

…stay blessed,