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Great Finds On The Dime…..

29 Nov

So Thanksgiving is over and now we are heading towards Christmas. I know Fab gave you guys a great list of ideas when she posted “Jumping Over The Gift Giving Hurdle”. Well I have a great list of potential stocking stuffers or that secret Santa gift. So many celebrities are coming out with fragrances. And I have to admit that they are not at all bad. Walgreens has a promotion going on right now where all these fragrances listed below are at a steal of $13.02!!! And any purchase $25.00 or more gets free shipping. You can’t go wrong with a deal like that!

My top two scents is Halle Berry “Reveal” it is a beautiful blend of woody and floral scents. There is a mixture of mimosa, peach, honeydew melon, red berries, plumeria, iris blossom, neroli, vetiver, cashmere woods and skin musk.  It sounds like a lot of stuff brewing in the pot but the finish product is an elixir of pure sensuality. It is a light fragrant scent that lingers on the skin and tantalizes the senses.

My second pick is Celine Dion “Inspiration” it embodies burst of juicy guava, mimosa and jasmine. It is a captivating scent that is fruity and whimsical and was designed to bring out the elegant, classy side of every woman.

Please see my list below and tell me what scents you enjoy…


Simply Studded

Mmmm Baby…What you wearing?

19 Jan

Ladies, I don’t know about you, but I absolutely loveeee perfume!  And fellas, I love it when you smell good as well!  Leaving behind a sexy scent is always a good thing.

Now guys, this doesn’t mean that you should only rely on that Axe Body Spray or your trusty Old Spice deodorant (side eye).  And ladies, like Kanye said Vicky Secret’s Love Spell and Cucumber Melon from Bath and Body Works is not always the way to go.  So please, if you can, avoid these.  I do, however admit to using these body sprays for my unmentionables (you know bras, panties, etc.)…(bbm embarrassed face), but a small spray on your lingerie and undies never hurt anyone.

Now I spoke to a few good people, who know their “scents” and they recommend a couple fragrances that will have your friends, family, hunnies, and strangers  saying “Mmm baby..What you wearing?”   So check them out below and let me know what your favorite fragrance is.

For My Ladies…

YSL Parisienne

Marc by Marc Jacob

Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf

For My Fellas…

I Am King

I Am King

Gucci by Gucci

Issey Miyake

What are you all wearing these days???