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14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day from Simply Studded!!!  We decided to give you some eye candy so you can have an Eyegasm:)  You know how we love to do that over here;)  So enjoy!  Kisses! Smooches! Muah!!!


A lil delight! All in Black and White!

5 Feb

Hello Beauties!!!  I woke up and had an Eyegasm, and then another…and another 🙂  Sooo I decided to stop being greedy and share.  Here’s some pics to surely give you an EYEYGASM or two..maybe more 😉

The Friendship

The Pose

The Jacket...Ooooh and her intense eyes too!

The Leather Tie..we should all get one

Her Booty..I'm currently in the gym for that!

The Shoes..SimplyStudded! POW!


Hope you enjoyed 😉 Be blessed Lovies!

Ooh La La…

10 Jan

EYEGASM after EYEGASM!!! Tom Ford’s Spring/ Summer 2011 Womenswear…Ahhhh! Enjoy the video lovies! (Also, peep all the cameos!!!)

You and me fit hand in glove…

9 Jan

Can we say EYEGASM!!!! As soon as I came across this pic I just had to share.  They “doin it” ain’t they?!?  Why not look fab with some long studded gloves.  Now those babies (left) are by Roberto Cavalli and probably cost a pretty penny.  Luckily this week I saw some  at H&M.  So for about $40 bucks you can be …”doin it ” too!  I mean they’re  not all studded and fab like the ones above, but that’s when the bedazzler in you should come out!  A bag of studs will do you wonders lovies!