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Kanye West Presents: DW Women Collection

4 Oct

So I was super excited to hear that Mr. West released his first ever women’s clothing line. The clothing line was named in honor of Kanye’s mother Donda West (DW Collection).   Many may try to use the cliché of “designer/celebrity” however unlike other celebrities Kanye is a true fashion icon…. Kanye understands fashion and more importantly knows all about self-expression. Let’s not forget he gave Amber Rose her ultimate swag and pretty much made her known in the fashion world (harsh but true).

The S/S 2012 collection was released in Paris for fashion week. There was plenty of leather and fur which is stables of Mr. West personal style as well as current fashion trends such as color blocking, bohemian minimalism and use of metallics infused with flowy designs to create a vision of unrestrained beauty. It was an interesting collection that I believe in time will develop and grow. Take a look at a look at the designs and give us your opinions are you loving it or hating it? Personally I am not in %100 love but I do like what I see…  I am however excited to see the growth of the collection because I feel in due time it will be phenomenal….


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