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Just A Little Too Fishy!!!!

10 Apr

Fish Pedicure

Sooo the latest craze in the realm of health and beauty is the fish pedicure… Your feet are placed in a bowl of water while Garra Rufa aka Doctor Fish nibble away at your dead skin. These fish feed off your dead skin making it an equal exchange. You get smooth feet and the fish get to full their belly. If you are wondering if it hurts, it doesn’t it is said to feel very ticklish. However the real question is if this is hygienic. The practice has already been banned in Washington State and cited as illegal. Department of Licensing stated ” state law requires all tools used in a pedicure to be sanitized, disinfected, or disposed of after each service.”  There is no way of sanitizing these little fish so it makes you wonder how hygienic is this practice really? I mean how can you sanitize the water if the fish need water to survive?  I am all for innovation and thinking outside of the box but this is a bit extreme. I want to hear from the readers out there, would you get a fish pedicure? I have provided a video below of  Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown getting a  fish pedicure in Cambodia…