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Swagged Up……

27 Dec

So this article was inspired by Jim Jones…. For those of you unfamiliar with the name I am not talking about Cult Leader “Jim Jones” but the Harlem-based Rapper “Jim Jones”. I find inspiration everywhere and as I watched VH1’s Love&Hip Hop I saw Jim rocking this FRESH denim jacket with leather sleeves and I was in LOVE…. I found out the jacket was actually designed by Jim for his clothing line Protocol which is a venture he combined with Parish Nation…. The jacket is sold out on the site (and I can see why)…. But you can check their site periodically for stock list updates…. I have included a few other looks I like……



Protocol Denim/Leather Jacket

Black Apple Denim/Leather Jacket

Dsquared “Eagle” Leather/Denim Jacket