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Beyond The Blonde Wig……

10 Feb


So everyone was buzzing about the Grammy’s however I was stuck on one thing; SIA’s performance…. I am such a fan however in every live performance I have seen her in she is hiding her face. It’s intriguing, it’s mysterious and it’s empowering. Unless you’re stuck under a rock you have heard SIA’s hit single “chandelier”. This gives a clear vision of her past battle with alcoholism after the death of an ex-boyfriend.

SIA admitted to drowning her sorrow and pain in alcohol, however finding recovery in a 12 step program helped her in her song writing abilities. What people don’t know is SIA is an amazing writer! She has written some of your favorite hit songs. Such as Diamonds for Rhianna, Pretty Hurts for Beyoncé, and Wild Ones for Flo Rida and my all-time favorite Titanium which she co-wrote with David Guetta. SIA never wanted the spotlight; she was quite comfortable being behind the scenes. She was thrust to fame so quickly at a pace she wasn’t comfortable with. So she took the situation in her own hands… She hides her face, she doesn’t do press and she refuses to be photographed unless her face is covered. Why you ask? Because she didn’t want to be forced into stardom. She wants to set the rules for her life and honestly as weird as it sounds… I love it!!! Watching her perform with her back to the audience was liberating to me. It made me think of that 1 carnal rule “To thy own self be true”.

Get into her music at the link provided http://www.vevo.com/artist/sia.




i Heart Radio Music Festival!

28 Sep

What happens in Vegas…didn’t stay in Vegas! This weekend’s “i Heart Radio Music Festival” brought out a lot of talent amongst others, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez and one of my favorite bands, Black Eyed Peas.

Ryan Seacrest reported live from MGM Grand Garden Arena, “This is the biggest live music event in radio history,” he declared of the two-night extravaganza.

Alicia keys is working on a new album and found it perfect to sing a few of her new songs, including the popular New York anthem, “New York State of Mind” with guest Jay-Z

Nicki Minaj sang, Y U Mad, Moment 4 Life, Super Bass and showcased her talked about fry chicken necklace made by jewelry brand ‘Onch Movement’

Black Eyed Peas got the party started performing the opening act of the concert

Jennifer Lopez brought the house down with countless tunes such as “Papi” and “Let’s Get Loud”

Carrie Underwood performs her songs “Last Name” and “Before He Cheats”

Usher hit the stage to support David Guetta singing “Without You”

These celebrities really brought the house down…singing and performing their “Heart & Soul”