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Get The Look: Baby’s It’s Cold Outside

17 Jan

Image 4 of Unreal Fur Longer Length Gilet

On the east coast its freezing outside! Every morning I open my front door to a windy chilly day. Winter is not my favorite time of year for many reasons. I am a fashionista and having to wear a big bulky coat doesn’t really fit the bill for me. However you can still look cute and fashion forward with these haute finds. Being warm is key, but you can also be warm in style. One f my favorite websites www.asos.com offers all kinds of goodies at prices you can afford.  I am totally obsessed with the Asos faux fur-lined parka! Take a look at a few of my top picks.








Get The Look: Let It Snow…..

1 Nov

Snow in October…. Who would ever think???? With the drastic changes in weather its time to dress for the occasion but as you know everything in style!!!!! Every Winter I buy myself a new coat. Silly it may seem but it is a tradition I hold true to myself. This lovely coat by Miss Selfridge is major and will be making its way into my collection…. I don’t like to be too matchy with things but I do like to compliment an accessorize whatever I have on. I paired this lovely coat with a fedora in a deep navy blue with chocolate brown trim, practical riding boots in a deep brown by Frye Melissa and chocolate brown gloves to tie it all into one complete look. Just because its cold it doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion forward. And I may I suggest donating that old to Salvation Army so you can help another to stay warm this season..


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