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Structural Elegance

3 Jan

          Many of you have seen Nicki Minaj wearing  a caged outfit on Jimmy Kimmel and were wondering WTF is that???  Well my fashionistas “that” is Chromat.  Chromat was developed by two friends Becca Mccharen and Emily Kappes who met at the University of Virgina where they studied Architecture. That structural foundation lead to their newest collection Shoji.

    The collection was inspired by gridded Shoji screens found in Japan, folded origami cranes and samurai warrior armor. Looking at the collection it is evident that their architecture background played a major part in the development of their line. It represents such a sense of strength and rigidness in the most feminine way. Internal materials that are commonly used to support the interior of a garment were used on the exterior to create a 3D exoskeleton. Chromat are pioneers in that they created a sense of Zen combining a hard structure with the soft femininity of a women’s curves and natural silhouette.  It can only be described as Structural Elegance…..