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Mommy Dearest….

28 Nov

The  relationship between a mother and child is a very interesting one. It can be full of love and affection, full of controversy and constant bickering over tedious things or seemingly distant. Over the years I felt like me and my mom were on a constant roller coaster of emotions. I never doubt her love for me but often questioned why was she so hard on me versus my other siblings. I thought logically she wanted me to exceed and do my best. But then I figured doesnt every mother want this for ALL their children??? I could never understand. As an adult I stopped questioning as I felt the answer would only lead to further uncertainty and more questions so I settle to take life as it is.

I see the dynamic relationship of mothers and their children  through many of my friends and it varies so differently. But at the core of it all I believe that mothers love at a level that not even the human mind can comprehend. Rachel Ray had a mother and son on her show. Over the years this overbearing mother wrote her son 1,800 letters of advice. This lead to him writing an award-winning book entitled S’mother where he details all the outrageous letters of his mother. A mother’s love knows no end. I want to hear your stories about your mothers and the unique relationships you share….