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Trend Alert: Ochre Cadmium aka “Orange”

3 Sep

So Fall is almost here do you feel the breeze in the air… Do you smell the spice and see the leaves turning a beautiful boutique of red, orange, and brown. As the season changes so does FASHION and with that there is change with COLOR….

The new color you will see a lot of this season is Orange… You will see different variations of this color such has  Pumpkin Spice, Burnt Orange, and Deep Carrot. I can’t get enough of it! My most FAB buy was a flowy Burnt Orange skirt from Forever 21 with a beautiful brown belt, total buy was $24.99 (with tax of course).

Here are a few colorful looks I am digging…..



I am loving this shirt dress in a Deep Carrot Hue…

This Robust Orange skirt is sure to stop traffic…

I LOVE This Dress!! Pumpkin Spice Oh so NICE

Let it flow in this timeless piece….

70’s Girl Fab… I love this vintage top in a beautiful light Tangerine Orange

Spice things up in this Burnt Orange one piece….

*Pictures provided by Asos.com and Aqua Clothing