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It’s All In The Bag!!!!

21 Mar

So I am not much of a bag lady, however I do agree that a bag can had to the finished look of an outfit. This season bags are becoming brighter, bolder and more compact. Gone are the days of the huge hobo bag or that extra-large shoulder purse. Now the smaller, the better!! Ladies want a bag that can hold their make-up, ID card and money. Here are a few looks provided by Asos.com and Topshop.com

Simply Studded





Trend Alert: School Girl Chic

20 Mar

So you  don’t have  to be a School girl anymore to rock a pleated skirt… In fact they are being seen all over the runways and celebrities alike. Its a certain kind of innocence or preppiness that goes along with the look that so many women covet. I love pleated skirts in funky colors or bright patterns. Take a look at a few selections and check out your major retailers to get up on the trend.


Simply Studded