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Flavor Lock

24 May

Osso Buco

Hey Studded Family, this week we are back to the classroom.  We are going to learn how to lock flavor into our meats.  I know that most of you have heard of the term “Braising”.  But do you really know what it means to braise meat?

Braising- a combination cooking method in which foods are first browned in hot fat, then covered and slowly cooked in a small amount of liquid over low heat; braising uses a combination of simmering and steaming to transfer heat from the liquid (conduction) and the air (convection) to the foods.

Not only does braising lock flavor in, but it makes for some good ol’ fall of the bone action. Producing some of the best textures and flavors that will make your heart and taste buds smile.

Foods made for “braizen”…

Braised Chicken with Fennel and Apples

Red Cabbage Braised with Apples, Maple and Ginger

Guinness Braised Short Rib


Mmm take a bite out of that!